Exhibition Tent for Sale in Kenya

Are you a trade fair organizer and in need of a reliable partner for your event? Kenya Tents is where you need to be. Kenya Tents is active in all areas of the trade fair world: from smaller, niche trade fairs all the way up to the large, massive trade fairs and public fairs. Comfort and safety are extremely important to us. With our years of experience, creative attitude and innovative products, Kenya Tents has everything you are looking for shows & exhibitions. Your need is our concern. Creating a successful exhibition, trade show or conference together is the guarantee of a long-lasting partnership.
Our trade stands and clearspan marquees are the perfect solution for event organizers who wish to maximize their return when providing shop frontage for exhibitors attending their event. Kenya Tents provide services for numerous show grounds and exhibitions, and we can give valuable advice on how to make the most of your budget.
Our range is very comprehensive, our tent structures are safe, aesthetic and surprising. Our professional events team will think along and draft a bespoke proposal for every organization. Chic, modern, classic,… it’s all possible.

Large Exhibition Tent for Sale by Kenya Tents

Tent for Sale, Experienced in providing all kinds of tents, we managed to design and manufacture a large exhibition tent which spanned 30m in width and 100m in length for the handicraft festival. The large tent covered an area of 3,000sqm and with no pole inside, so that the whole structure has a large capacity to provide enough space for exhibitors.
Like all tents constructed by us, the tent was equipped with an framework structured by aluminum alloys which featured both light weight and indeformable, so that on the one hand, during processes of transportation, installation and removal, costs and human power could be saved, on the other hand, the exhibition tent could be used again and again without worrying about damage, so our tent would be the most economical choice in the long term.
The large tent was wholly covered by PVC fabrics both the roof and side walls, which enables comfortable and safe inner space for participants because these fabric featured rain, fire and UV proof, in addition, fabrics breath well, so that people inside would not feel depressive even if they stay inside for a long period of time.
To provide services better, air-conditioners, rain gutters and ventilators were all required and equipped, so that the exhibition tent would be more comfortable to stay inside. Of course, unlike party tents or wedding marquees, tent for exhibition do not require much decoration.
To fix the tent on the solid floor, we used expansion bolts and bearing bases to make it stable, inside the tent, carpets, floors and lights are well equipped, all of these were making contributions to the success of the event.
We have professional building teams for installation and removal processes, and provide long term assurance on quality of our the exhibition tent, then no problems would appear even if after a long period of time.

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